Fair Sunday morning

I was really worried about Typhon Ruby /”Hagupit” making landfall that weekend… but I continued to believe and hope that the weather won’t bring harm.

It was fair weather when I visited that morning and it was so great to see the area looking cleaner!

The first thing I did was to walk to the hill, towards the back portion and inside the hut to admire how the place has changed.

I also found a few surprises along the way!


Although cleaning was not yet finished, the area was looking better already


The people we contracted uprooted the vines, weed and tall grass. I wanted to do the cleaning myself but I it was not possible to accomplish within a few hours visit during weekends


Grass, weed, vines and stumps were pilled to be burnt


The back portion was not as clean as the front area. I can’t wait to see this area looking nice on my next visit


One coffee tree shared a few surprises. The native orchids which I attached were blooming. I’ll share the plants in another post.


This is looking more comfortable! I used to set-up a ground sheet with an overhanging tarp for shade. Now I have a more proper rest area.


a rest area…where I can nap and stay overnight!


more importantly it has such as nice view!

I’ve made this journey early this year, and with the year coming to a close, it feels like so much have happened and changed.

It feels great to be able to share something that continues to grow and improve and very grateful for people who have witnessed and taken part in my weekend farm.

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