First Trees Planted

Here are some of the trees which I planted in the plot:

2014-05-11 15.41.31

This is a Jackfruit sapling, locally called “Langka”

2014-05-31 13.20.03

I got this tree from Bicol in Southern Luzon for 15 pesos 5 years ago. In the city, it lived inside a big pot its whole life. My friend Kiko helped me bring out this tree from the car.

2014-05-31 13.47.49

After enjoying a 1 1/2 hour ride, this Yakal (Shorea astylosa) tree is finally free.

2014-05-31 14.30.46

This Taiwanese olive tree is not native to the Philippines. I got it from a Sunday market.

2014-06-28 15.35.23

Sampaloc tree, also known as Tamarind

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