The Farm Land

This is how the plot looked in its original state.


This is the access road leading to the site I chose. The lady wearing the pink shirt is the sales agent who has been showing me land available for sale.

It is located at Southern Luzon, approximately a few hours drive from Manila. The area has a mild and cool climate at an elevation above 400 masl.

The plot is full of banana plants “señorita” variety, Liberica coffee trees that are about 30 years old, and some fruiting pineapple plants.

2014-02-22 11.18.24

The trunk of the coconut tree marks the corner of the plot

2014-03-01 13.47.10

This photo was taken in the middle of the plot. Those are coffee tree branches and fronds of the banana trees.

2014-03-01 13.48.12

There were a lot of fruiting pineapple plants thriving under the coffee and banana.

I learned that Filipino style farming is very dependent on nature.

There is no irrigation and no use of fertilizer. The farmers just plant their crops and leave everything to nature

It was wild and unkempt, but I chose it anyway.

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