Some lost, some more gained!

I lost my bamboo hut and my car early this year.

But I got a new car and I have been able to visit my weekend farm again.

I was convinced to immediately fence the property. With the fence built, I now have clearer boundaries, defined by some wooden stakes and barbed wire. It doesn’t look impenetrable but I think it is enough to set barriers.

Upon checking the progress of my crude barbed-wire perimeter fence, I noticed that 95% of the rare native orchids which I planted were gone! Someone took almost all of them. Perhaps they all flowered some time during the period of my non-visit and passers-by found them irresistible so they took all of these home. I realized that these orchids are just embellishments to my weekend farm and this has convinced me to plant small trees and shrubs for the meantime as I develop and secure the area.

When I checked the finished barbed-wire fence, I also thought of adding a fourth layer of barbed wire to fortify it further. Also a bamboo fence will completely close the area.

The period of my non-visit allowed me to rethink on how I can progress for my weekend farm.

For one, a few friends advised that I should get a caretaker and be more integrated in the community. I acknowledge that my absence in the area is definitely a problem; I am only able to visit during a few weekends every month. My limited resources could not allow me to finance hiring a caretaker. But I realize that my main resource for now is my land; which is not productive at the moment. I have met Mang Nestor before, a friendly farmer neighbor, and he has expressed that he wanted to help me. At that time, I didn’t take his musings so seriously yet because he was not able to express what he wants to do and I did not know what I can offer to him in return. He was just nice and very gracious, and he helped me get coconuts or fruit whenever he saw me. However, the other day, I met Mang Joel on my drive out from my weekend farm. As I introduced myself, Mang Joel already knew who I was, He was sorry about what happened to my bamboo hut and my car accident. (News quickly spread among the locals, even the Jesus statue is now believed to be miraculous because I came out from the wreckage of the accident without a single bruise!) He immediately expressed his desire to use my land to plant crops like corn. I realize that while I am not able to use my land, I can allow my farmer neighbors to plant in my land. In exchange, I will ask them to look after my land and  perhaps, over time, we can gain friendship over the help we extend to each other.

After my brief ocular of the barbed-wire fence. I visited the local Police station. I got acquainted to them due to my car accident. It was the first time that a major incident occurred for me outside the city! I saw their value in providing safety for my peaceful existence and harmonious integration in the locality. Similarly they saw my value thru my good intentions and thru my affiliations which I can extend to them and to the local community.

A few things lost, a few things being recovered and a few more things being formed!

Things ahead are looking very hopeful!

2015-06-14 12.40.29

The very prehistoric looking fence at the frontage of my property. These wooden stakes are called Madre de Cacao, a legumeous tree that is nitrogen fixing. Hopefully these stakes will grow as living trees.

2015-06-14 12.41.17

Photo of the corner of the frontage an the eastern border. Notice how I failed to make a straight line with the Yucca plants, some are inside the fence while some are outside. I initially planted these to define the eastern portion. The people who installed the barbed-wire fence managed to better define the property

2015-06-14 12.39.12

Like some of the few coffee trees I selected to grow native orchids on, this tree on the foreground is wiped out! This used to be covered with at least 10 species of orchids

2015-06-14 12.39.48

On a positive note, this Cacao tree, a Trinitario variety (hybrid of the Criollo and the Forrastero) used to be devoid of leaves during my last visit. It seems insects also like to nibble on its new leaves

2015-06-14 12.36.00

Notice that the last layer seems to just a straw-string. I will need to add another barb-wire layer to fortify this further.

2015-06-14 12.33.14

barb-wire fence on the slope, still at the eastern portion of the property

2015-06-14 12.32.39

Barb-wire at the back portion (north) of the property

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