Plants this Easter!

Some more plants blooming this Easter. These plants are growing in the lowlands of Metro Manila.

2015-03-28 07.00.50

This Vanda lamellata var remediosae is different from the other remediosae varieties. It has longer and more slender leaves and it has a longer flower spike!

2015-04-02 15.02.25

Same plant pictured above. Vanda lamellata var. remediosae

2015-04-02 15.01.02

Dendrobium anosmum. These normally flower during February, weird weather has caused them to bloom late this year. 

2015-04-05 07.00.10

A Phalaenopsis stuartiana, with small but rounder flowers

2015-04-06 08.00.00

not sure if this is Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica or Phalaenopsis lueddemmaniana or a natural hybrid of the two

2015-04-06 07.58.53

Phalaenopsis bastianii


The Orchid Thief

I’ve been using an orchid as litmus.

It may not be the best method; and definitely not the most scientific, but this is just for leisure! I’ve planted a lot of Phalaenopsis schilleriana orchids and these continue to give me an indication of the climate in my weekend farm.

Firstly, these plants need to receive enough moisture to survive. For now, I can only visit the farm during my free weekends which means that I’m incapable of watering my plants regularly. Also, I can’t afford a caretaker to live at my plot; hence I’m at the mercy of nature for now. So far, the orchids I have planted have grown roots and a lot of them are actually blooming! Apart from those, I planted fruit trees like cacao and mangosteen and these are growing without watering.

More than that, these orchids gave me an indication of what other crops I can plant. Phalaenopsis schilleriana plants will only bloom in cooler weather. This means that I can try to grow cooler weather crops (at least relative to my location here in the tropics) like more exotic/non-local fruits and vegetables.

These plants have been in my plot for months, and a few plants have just been in flower recently. Apparently, it has caught the attention of a few people who may have chanced upon my area. During my last visit I found that two plants which were in flower have been plucked from the branches. I wasn’t surprised that this happened; but now I realize that my area is too open and some people might think it’s alright to pluck a few plants for them to take.

And so this plant is telling me to do something about it.

2015-01-16 14.08.55

the first plant that was plucked by a stranger… see how the roots got severed and the twine was still there


during my last visit, this was the photo of the plant which existed on the branch, but now it’s gone, taken home by someone

2015-01-16 14.09.01

Plant number 2 gone… this time the roots were almost cleanly taken out (notice the white stuff on the upper left portion on the right bump on the branch – those are the remains of the attached roots which were plucked)

2015-01-16 14.09.39

This plant is still at the branch and will be in full bloom soon, I’m glad it wasn’t taken by the person who got the other plants

2015-01-16 14.09.15

close-up shot of the flowers

2015-01-16 14.09.29

another plant in bloom

2015-01-16 14.10.03

this Vanda lamellata var remediosae was almost plucked from this coffee tree. I guess the person felt bad that he might be getting too much already :))

2015-01-16 14.16.52

Some newer Phalaenopsis schilleriana plants which I attached to a coffee tree a few weeks ago. These are now showing signs that they’re about to flower

2015-01-16 14.46.51

This Phalaenopsis aphrodite is also about to bloom

2015-01-16 14.47.46

Phalaenopsis amabilis from Palawan also about to flower

2015-01-16 14.46.33

This Phalaenopsis lindenii thrives at a higher elevation, but it is also about to send out flowers

2015-01-16 14.17.37

A newly planted Phalaenopsis stuartiana

It’s interesting that someone has found plants growing on my weekend farm attractive!

I just continue to hope they’ll admire it and not take plants from my weekend farm. Still, I should work on that nice looking bamboo fence already :))



The other tiger orchid, Phalaenopsis stuartiana

In Southern Luzon, tiger orchids are very popular. Its scientific name is Phalaenopsis schilleriana. These orchids captivated  me as kid. It had leathery leaves that reminded me of elephant ears and its leaves were stripped  with silver and purple. These never flower in the lowlands since they need cooler temperature to bloom, but a lot of people still keep them anyway.

I was fascinated growing them since its leaves and roots looked wild.

2014-10-06 14.35.33

a Phalaenopsis schilleriana, the common tiger orchid growing on my weekend farm. These plants will produce flowers soon!


flower of the Phalaenopsis schilleriana, taken a few years ago. The plant, which I bought already with flowers, lived for a bit in the city, but it died a few months later.

This tiger orchid, Phalaenopsis schilleriana, is definitely more common. It produces pink flowers that sometimes smell like cotton candy. I’ve planted a lot of these in the coffee trees and I want to plant more because the coffee trees will look like cherry blossoms when these are in bloom.

The other tiger orchid is the less common Phalaenopsis stuartiana.

I saw a few plants of Phalaenopsis stuartiana at the sunday market a few weekends ago, so I bought two plants.

2014-10-26 17.23.08

this Phalaenopsis stuartiana plant is less common. It stayed in the city for a bit before I planted it in the farm

Instead of pink flowers the Phalaenopsis stuartiana has white flowers. When not in bloom, it’s close to impossible to distinguish it from the more common tiger orchid (Phalaenopsis schilleriana)… but I noticed that this plant might have rounder and greener leaves.

Last week during my weekend farm visit, I planted the two Phalaenopsis stuartiana plants on their coffee trees.

2014-11-02 12.40.42

The first Phalaenopsis stuartiana plant was planted in the middle of two Phalaenopsis schilleriana plants. It’s flower is spent and its leaves yellowed.

2014-10-26 17.22.44

the second Phalaenopsis stuartiana also had 2 flowers when it was bought.

2014-11-02 12.37.06

When I planted it on the weekend farm, it already lost its flowers. It was planted on a different coffee tree.